They are my lovely sacred birman cats. On the 1st picture boys are waiting me home. On the 2nd picture is 'Muci'. His official name is FIN* Downy-Flower's Yucca. Muci was borning on the 9th of August in 2007. Muci is a sacred birman cat with lilac mask and long haired. On the 3rd picture is 'Kroki'. His offical name is FI*Harabell Orlon (FI)SK RX 1716820. On the 4th picture 'Kiscica' (pikku kissa=little cat). He is FI*Harabell Oleksi (FI)SK RX 1716819. Orlon and Oleksi are twins. They were borning on the same day, on the 12th of April in 2017. They are sacred birman cats with red mask long haired.