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COVID-19 project

The idea of my "COVID-19 project" is to provide quarantined people with 35 song games free,  Registration is not needed to my Moodle tasks. Log in as a guest and all the family can play the games together. Change the your language, to understand what to do.

SolfaNet is a natural and easy way to learn the music to write and read, according to the Kodály method. This ear training material includes 35 Finnish and Hungarian folk-songs and games for children. 

You can print free the PDF exercise pages. Listen to and sing with the Audio file the children songs. They are in MP3 form. Write the missing notes to the exercise paper, and sing again the song with solmisation. It means sing without words, using only the "bird's language" DO RE MI FA SO LA TI [relative solmisation].  

 The answer pages are published in my 'Valmennus 1a' book, what you can order, if you want it. BoD is the publisher and they sell it by the Internet. 

I am in quarantine too, so I like to spend the time to make a new version of this 35 game songs. I like to photos flowers and my cats, so they will be the illustrations of my new publication. 

I am thinking to open a Facebook group, where I can give more instructions and answer for your questions. I hope your family will have a quality time together learning the musical notation together and playing the children games. 

Good health to all of you. Blessing!